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Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Suppression Systems by Legendary Fire Systems

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We offer all types of top quality fire suppression system installation and services in Los Angeles, California.

We have expert knowledge with clean agent fire suppression systems including FM200/ HFC227ea, Novec1230, Halon1301, HFC125, and all other clean agent systems for your critical assets. We also provide installation and service for gaseous fire suppression systems. From inert gas solutions for you critical hazard environment including Inergen, Argonite, and Nitrogen to low and high pressure CO2 systems for mechanical applications, we cover it all. Additionally we also provide water mist systems suppress and extinguish by discharging a high velocity fine mist throughout the hazard area. We can design and install a NFPA 750 compliant system for your application.

Legandy Fire Systems also instals and services kitchen fire suppression systems including wet chemical NFPA 17A and UL300 compliant systems for your commercial restaurant and industrial cooking applications. We also install and service all dry chemical systems for paint booth, chemical storage, and special hazard environments in your facility.   

Top Quality Fire Suppression Systems in Los Angeles

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